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Purchase a TShirt and we will donate $5 to the CHEO Foundation
Purchase a TShirt and we will donate $5 to the CHEO Foundation

SkinSafe Cleanser


Sanitize your entire body and water-safe surfaces using the SkinSafe Natural Cleansing Solution.  This cleanser will not dry your skin while washing away harmful bacteria and pathogens. 

SkinSafe is made from 3 ingredients: Water, Salt and Hypochlorous Acid. This is the same acid that our white blood cells produce to fight infection in the human body. This is effective and in many cases more effective than alcohol without the adverse effects of dry skin and a terrible scent.

SkinSafe is
  • Biodegradeable

  • 100% Non-Toxic

  • 100% Organic

  • Alcohol Free

  • Steroid Free

  • pHneutral

  • Safe for daily use on the entire body

  • Non-Irritating and Safe for sensitive skin

Use SkinSafe to disinfect and clean face masks, door handles, office spaces, debit/credit machines, bank machines, computers and ANY surface area that you, your family and coworkers may commonly touch. SkinSafe is also good to help to fight acne and skin infections while taking advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties.

One bottle contains 500ml of the SkinSafe Solution